what happened to patti and david on moonshiners?

from Patti Bryan  website https://www.sugarlands.com/legend/patti-bryan/ she seems to be well but not sure about why shes not on the moonshiners show maybe you could comment and tell me 🙂

because i don’t know but i do know shes doing well with Sugarlands Distilling Co a excerpt from the blog says —>

Family first – that’s what Patti Bryan was taught growing up in rural Louisiana. Everyone took pride in their responsibilities, whether it was fetching wood for the fire or cleaning fish for family supper. Distilling runs through the Parker-Bryan family like moonshine through a still. Patti’s father, David, is a third-generation moonshiner who used his family’s craft to provide for his family. Patti learned everything she could to help, and her father was proud that moonshine came naturally to her. Today, Patti is a successful business owner, an avid hunter, angler and a proud mother who enjoys carrying on her family’s legacy of ‘shining. https://www.sugarlands.com/


Love to hunt and love to blog

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