The real Amityville terror

Before the tragic night when it ended their lives, DeFeos were normal people who loved life. The family members were Ronald DeFeo Sr., Louise, Ronald Jr., grip, Allison, Mark and John Matthew. Ronald DeFeo Jr., the only survivor, was charged with six life sentences in Greenhaven Prison. They lived at 112 Ocean Ave. (Currently, the street name and address have been changed). The DeFeos lived in an apartment in Brooklyn, near where Mr. DeFeo worked. They were delighted with their new life since they moved to Amityville, especially for the house because they were now 2 1 / 2 storeys over a basement finish. As an emblem of their new life, a

Ronald DeFeo Sr., son of Rocco DeFeo, is CEO of The Brigante-Karl Buick concession on Coney Island, Brooklyn. He loves his children and raised with love and guidance. According to Ronald Jr., Mr. Ronald DeFeo Jr. struck again even if an adult. An incident occurred the day before the murder: Ronald Ronald Sr. and Jr. have been seen in the mouth of the basement. Ronald Jr. was left with a bloody lip. According to Ronald DeFeo Jr. and another family, Ronald DeFeo Sr. has had relationships with certain friends and relatives with criminal records. In general, Ronald DeFeo Sr. was a good man who loved his family and his life. The day of his murder, Mr. DeFeo was going to work and bring his son, Mark, who was a football injury to the doctor.

Allison DeFeo was a quiet girl. Every time that Ronald DeFeo Jr. raised his voice in the house, she closed her bedroom door to block the discussions that Ron Sr. and Ron Jr. had. She spent her summer in the pool with his friends. She was aged 13 at his assassination.

John DeFeo was seven years old when he died. It has been described as a nice little boy by the friends of Allison. The day before the murders, John DeFeo and his friend were sitting on the steps of his basement and secretly watched Ronald Sr. and Jr. Ronald argue. Ronald Jr. was left with a bloody lip

There is not much information about Mark DeFeo, except that the day of his murder, Mr. DeFeo was supposed to take Mark to the doctor for an injury in football. During the football season, Mark DeFeo had a serious injury and has required the temporary use of crutches and a wheelchair. He died at the age of 12.

Dawn DeFeo was 18 when his murder. According to Ronald DeFeo Jr., there were several discussions about the music she listened. It seems that his brother did not like black folk musicians in that time. According to Ronald DeFeo Jr., his sister helped him to remain on probation by giving a sample of his urine, which led to Ronald DeFeo, Jr. to succeed his anti-drug tests. In that time, Ronald Jr. was an occasional user of heroin.

Shaggy was the sheepdog family. Ronald DeFeo Jr. hated him passionately and had plotted several times to kill him. The only reason why he had not yet done is because his father had warned him that no matter what happened to the dog, would pass on her back. During the murders, Shaggy does not stop barking. A few days after the murders, Shaggy has been adopted by a family friend.

The Massacre of the Defeo Family

Wednesday, November 13, 1974 at about 3 am, Ronald DeFeo Junior finished listening to a film called Castle Keep. It takes 35 mm gun and kills his father, mother, two brothers and two sisters while they slept in their beds. Some are killed in their sleep, others will have time to wake up before their assassination:

• Ronald Senior receives 2 times in the back. Entries by the neck, they go through his kidney and his spine. The coroner said the victim tried to move up before he died. He was living a few seconds to several minutes before succumbing to his injuries.

• Louise also receives 2 balls: one enters and leaves his left wrist. The 2nd destroyed his lung, his diaphragm, rib cage and liver. She walks to the door and died 10 minutes after the shooting.

• Mark and John are fired at close range (less than 2 inches). The bullets penetrated the heart, lungs, diaphragm and liver of each victim. The spinal cord of John is severely affected.

• Allison is awake and has time to see the muzzle of the gun before he received the bullet in his head. The ball came out, hit the wall and bounced down.

• Dawn shot at close range as well (less than 3 inches) in the bottom of his neck. The bullet exited through the left ear.

The DeFeos probably believed that Ronald DeFeo Jr. was still staring Castle Keep, an issue particularly violent and filled with loud gunfire. DeFeo Jr. listened to the television very loud, which could explain why children have not awakened. Mr. and Mrs. DeFeo were the first to be murdered and the children had no reason to be alarmed because they slept in their home in their beds.


Autopsies revealed that DeFeos have been drugged at dinner and it was proved that Ms. Allison DeFeo and woke up. Ronald DeFeo Jr. declared during his interrogation that Dawn had awakened him and asked what was the problem. He told her to lie down again, it was made, and then he was shot. It is hard to say if what he says is true because it has created many different versions of the killings during police questioning.

At the request of the defense lawyer, William Weber, an investigation takes place in the house to find any power capable of having influenced the killer. Without doubt informed by experts in parapsychology, he suspects the existence of electromagnetic fields due to flaws or surrounding earth forces likely to saturate the environment with harmful waves in the balance of cells and Mental Health his client. This thesis parapsychological field is advanced by a certain Hans Holzer to justify why no members of the DeFeo family had been alerted by the gunshots. It inhibits the sounds and affects the perception of noise. But to hear voices from beyond the grave.

It was not until a year before the case was not considered. Meanwhile, Butch did everything to try to simulate dementia. To substantiate the claim of insanity, he showed a behavior very agitated, he destroyed his mail caused a fire in his cell and threatened to commit suicide.

When his trial opened in October 1975, a psychiatrist called by the defense claimed that Butch was a mental patient and he did not know what he was doing that night. He had to find something ..! Having acknowledged all the crimes and stating that he alone had done. In fact Ronald DeFeo Jr. did not like his parents did not like his brothers and sisters did not like his dog, loved person. Victim of society in general, a victim of his youth, victims of drugs, the victim itself.

On Friday, November 21 Ronald Defeo Junior was convicted of six murders and sentenced to 25 years in prison for each of these charges. He will be imprisoned in Dannemora (Clinton) Correctional Facility in upstate New York. But after the U.S. law, as the charges against him are from a single charge, DeFeo can apply for a conditional release in 1999.

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do you personally believe it was a scary demon i don’t think non of this is true i believe defoe was a drug crazed junkie who shot his whole family dead so sad !



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