Signs Someone Is Thinking About You

do they ever think of you in return? Well, if you’re ever curious as to whether people think about you, then there are a few signs that you might want to look out for. It’s all a matter of you just paying attention to your intuition and your subconscious.

They will smile impulsively.-Smiles can tell a lot about how a person feels. So, if the next time a person sees you and they smile, take notice. It means that they are happy to see you because they’ve wanted to do so for quite some time.

You get a sudden change of emotions.-You have to know that the way your emotions work is that they are tied to the energy within and without you. Sometimes, when a person thinks of you hard enough, it can alter the way the energy flows through your body.

You feel a natural urge to get closer to one another.-There is just this inherently natural urge for the two of you to get closer together. You know why? It’s the natural magnetic forces between yourselves. You are thinking of one another actively, and that’s why you’re being bound.

You have uncontrollable eye movements.-This is another indicator that someone has been thinking of you rather uncontrollably. It’s evidenced in the way that your energy is being channeled into uncontrollable eye movements. Someone is thinking of you rather immensely.

You experience a hyperactive mind.-Have you ever had those moments wherein you just feel like you can’t focus because your mind is everywhere? Well, this is because someone else in the world is trying to communicate with you subconsciously. This is a clear sign that someone is thinking of you.

You always lock eyes in a crowded room –It doesn’t matter how many people there are in a room. If a person is thinking of you hard enough, you are going to lock eyes. It’s just the natural energy between the two of you that is bringing you together.



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