About me

Welcome to my  blog 2017 sure feels good to be blogging again after a nearly five year break ,this is my blog a content site for me I do enjoy blogging I have had my website for 20 plus years now and we have only started !!
Things I like to do is paint I’m a artist and you can see some of the photos of my work under Michaels art work
I enjoy programming back in 2004 I started scripting now I’m strictly PHP
I enjoy the web and technology
I like to cook and hammer video games on my cell lol
I feel as if my site is my paridice with my memories and my fun days in case I ever forget them. I hope you find what you came for on my blog and God bless ya in your travels stay safe my friends!!


I am also the proud owner of Nockedup  Massachusetts outdoors blog I love to blog i love the outdoors hunting and fishing and hiking n camping .

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