Most Toxic Houseplants to Avoid If You Have Pets

Most gardeners know at least some of the plants in our backyards are toxic to dogs and cats. But it’s not just the azaleas you need to worry about. You might think the houseplants on your windowsills are safe. After all, how dangerous can a philodendron, pothos vine, or bird of paradise be? It turns out they’re pretty bad for your dog or your cat.
Check out 18 common houseplants that are toxic to cats and dogs

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Gauge Your Grill’s Propane Level With This Easy Trick

With summer cookout festivities in high gear, the last thing anyone needs is a gas grill that won’t fire up because it’s out of propane. Before you pass the appetizers and light the grill, you might want to check your supply of fuel. Luckily, gauging how much propane you have left is easier than you think. All you need is a glass of water.
You can easily save your next barbecue from the certain embarrassment that comes with unexpectedly running out of fuel, and you don’t even need a gauge. Just follow these simple step-by-step instructions from CHOW:

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A Visual Guide to Understanding Heartburn

Heartburn Begins With a Bite
Take a bite of warm, gooey pepperoni pizza, and your digestive system kicks into action. Acids tumble into the stomach, ready to break down your meal. In many people, a faulty valve-like structure lets these acids run amok, triggering a burning sensation in the chest. Heartburn is an extremely common symptom. More than 60 million Americans have heartburn at least once a month. The following slides examine where heartburn starts, and how it can be stopped.

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