Brown Bears facts for kids

When you think of a big, fierce bear, you’re probably thinking of brown bears. North American brown bears are sometimes called grizzlies, and they are definitely big, fierce animals. Brown bears live in Europe and Asia too.

Brown bears are the second largest bear, after polar bears. Male brown bears weigh between 300 and 900 pounds. These big bears love salmon and other fish. In Alaska, Washington and Canada, they stand in rivers and catch the fish in their mouths or with their paws.

Facts about Brown Bears for Kids

  • Brown bears aren’t just brown. Some are cream or black.
  • Brown bears are omnivores, which means they eat just about anything. They’ll eat deer, fish, small mammals, berries, honey, nuts and plants. They’ll eat your garbage if you let them, but you should never feed a bear.
  • Brown bears dig cozy caves with their long claws. They sleep in the caves for most of the winter. Their heartbeats slow down to 10 beats per minute.
  • Brown bear mamas have babies during the winter while they are asleep! The babies drink mama’s milk and stay warm in their mama’s fur. In the spring, mama wakes up to meet her new cubs.

Brown Bear Vocabulary

  1. Grizzly: A name for North American brown bears
  2. Fierce: Aggressive, a bit scary
  3. Salmon: A type of fish
  4. Omnivore: Eats meat and plants
  5. Cozy: Warm, comfortable

Question: Are brown bears dangerous?

Answer: Brown bears are more aggressive than other bears, but they usually leave people alone unless they feel scared.

Question: Where do brown bears live in America?

Answer: In zoos, of course, and in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest


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