A Woman in Saugus MA Had to Climb a Tree to Escape Coyotes

So an absolute nightmare scenario played out in Saugus on Tuesday, when a woman told police she was forced to climb a tree to avoid a pack of wild coyotes on an area trail.

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More Coyotes Spotted in Reno Neighborhoods

Are you hearing more distant howls lately? There’s a reason for that, and for an increase in coyote activity.
In Reno, Lakeridge residents are keeping a more cautious eye now that there’s been an increase of pet predators roaming their golf course and neighborhood. Laurie-Jo Pettyjohn of Lakeridge Lifestyles Magazine told us, “There are a dozen residents in the last two weeks that have made it very clear that they see bobcats and coyotes right in their backyards…right here, all along Lake Stanley.”

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A couple of coyotes put on quite a show just outside of San Francisco recently, when they teamed up for a howling session. Fortunately, someone had a camera to capture the duo as they did their thing.
Andrew Bland admits he was lucky enough to be on the spot with a camera when two coyotes began a howling duet. Bland captured the pair as they yipped, barked, howled, squeaked and generally sounded like a whole chorus of ‘yotes.
Get a load of this singing!



This video will give you the goosebumps.
You never really know what’s lurking in the woods until you can see it, or in this case, hear it. In the video below, a hunter who’s posted up on a seat in the woods with rifle in lap howls for coyotes while a cameraman stands nearby.
His first coyote call doesn’t get a response. But the second call, well, let’s just say I hope he is a good shot with that rifle.


Close Encounters With Packs of Coyotes on the Rise

A Georgia family found a surprise guest in their kitchen: a coyote.
Officials believe the coyote may have chased a cat through the house’s window, Jeff Alexander of the Newton County Sheriff’s Office told ABC News today. The cat escaped unharmed, but the owner of the house couldn’t get the coyote out.
“I can only imagine,” how the family felt, Alexander said.
Officials from animal control responded and shot a tranquilizer dart at the coyote, but the animal was unfazed, Alexander said. Officials used a catch pole to lure the coyote out of the house, Alexander added.
Once outside, a deputy shot and killed the coyote, the sheriff’s office said.
No one in the house was injured, according to Alexander.

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California Town on High Alert after Coyotes Attack Children

California residents are being warned to be more vigilant about coyotes after four attacks on children in the past month in the Irvine area.The most recent incident — this past Sunday — involved a 2-year-old child.“It was a child, about approximately 2 years old, was in the garage. They opened the garage up and the coyote came in and actually got the child on the neck area and part of the cheek,” California Department of Fish and Wildlife Lt. Kent Smirl told ABC’s Los Angeles station KABC.

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12-year-old girl stalked by coyotes

STAMFORD, Connecticut (WABC) — A 12-year-old girl says she was stalked by a trio of coyotes as she walked home from school in Stamford.
Now the town is raising the alarm.
“It was pretty scary, I was more in shock than scared,” said the girl, Navya Sharma.

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coyotes lounging in a yard or approaching/following people

There’s a delightful thrill to the call of a band of coyotes when you’re alone in the dark woods. Do they present a danger? That is, have healthy coyotes (that is, not rabid) been known to attack or show aggressiveness to a lone human?

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