Close Encounters With Packs of Coyotes on the Rise

A Georgia family found a surprise guest in their kitchen: a coyote.
Officials believe the coyote may have chased a cat through the house’s window, Jeff Alexander of the Newton County Sheriff’s Office told ABC News today. The cat escaped unharmed, but the owner of the house couldn’t get the coyote out.
“I can only imagine,” how the family felt, Alexander said.
Officials from animal control responded and shot a tranquilizer dart at the coyote, but the animal was unfazed, Alexander said. Officials used a catch pole to lure the coyote out of the house, Alexander added.
Once outside, a deputy shot and killed the coyote, the sheriff’s office said.
No one in the house was injured, according to Alexander.

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Defending Yourself at Close Range-coyote

Coyotes are a member of the canine family and are often found in wilderness areas. While they may be known as cute, cuddly animals from TV, coyotes are wild animals, and should be treated with respect. Follow this guide to safely avoid a confrontation with a coyote.

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