12-year-old girl stalked by coyotes

STAMFORD, Connecticut (WABC) — A 12-year-old girl says she was stalked by a trio of coyotes as she walked home from school in Stamford.
Now the town is raising the alarm.
“It was pretty scary, I was more in shock than scared,” said the girl, Navya Sharma.

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The Voices Of The “Coy Dogs”!

Jimmer Mackinnon posts on youtube.com   I was on the phone with my G.F. when this started, so I quick got my camera, and captured the audio in total darkness, thus the black screen. It’s the sound of “Coy Dogs” here at my home at the Canadian border in Vermont! The animals that make these scary sounds are a cross between a domestic dog & a coyote! (Possibly a Wolf & Coyote?) It really took a long time to adjust to living with these things! I still wouldn’t wanna run into a pack of ’em in the dark!

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Ever seen a coyote climb a tree?

It was a snowy Friday afternoon when Mona Giles headed over to her friend’s house in the small gated community of Whispering Pines in Pine Lake, Alta.

She popped in quick to grab her, when they both noticed some movement in the backyard.

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“We were both shocked,” said Giles as they watched the coyote at first jump up to eat the tree’s fruit, and then decide it was going to make the climb.
The coyote can be seen carefully balanced on the thin branches as it makes it way to the top, all while having a nice evening snack.

She posted it to Facebook on Sunday, and it had more than 500,000 views by Thursday — and growing by the thousands every hour.

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coyote skeleton

The science of skull identification relies on the skills of close scrutiny and the study of physiology. Skulls hold a fascination for many people.  For some they are symbols of death or fear, while for others physical representations of animals and the expressions of the stories of their lives. Skulls can tell us many things about an animal, including the species, its approximate age, size, health, what it ate, whether the animal was male or female and even how it died.

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Defending Yourself at Close Range-coyote

Coyotes are a member of the canine family and are often found in wilderness areas. While they may be known as cute, cuddly animals from TV, coyotes are wild animals, and should be treated with respect. Follow this guide to safely avoid a confrontation with a coyote.

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coyotes lounging in a yard or approaching/following people

There’s a delightful thrill to the call of a band of coyotes when you’re alone in the dark woods. Do they present a danger? That is, have healthy coyotes (that is, not rabid) been known to attack or show aggressiveness to a lone human?

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